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Cromwell was a hypocrite who became a ridiculous parody

Did visiting his house change my opinion of him? Read on. Who was Oliver Cromwell (b 25 April 1599 – d 3 September 1658)? Oliver Cromwell was a devoutly puritanical, gentrified man who rose from being a farmer to being a Member of Parliament and ultimately leader of the English Republican Parliament after the English had King Charles 1st beheaded. In my opinion, Cromwell was a hypocrite who became a ridiculous parody, a caricature of everything he despised - an anti-monarchist and Puritan who went on to become King in all but name and drank beer and smoked a pipe at home. I was very reluctant out of principle to visit his house but out of interest and in the need for balancing opinion, I went along. The house is still standing, beautifully preserved in Ely Cambridgeshire, a charming old house dating back to the 1500's. It was certainly a family home and had Cromwell restored the celebration of Christ-tide (Christmas) which had been banned in England in 17th Century then I think his children would have enjoyed it. Let's take a look at Cromwell and then his house.The photos are my own as ever. Ely is in Cambridgeshire, North of Cambridge.

Oliver Cromwell- supposedly unpretentious and Puritanwarts and all Cromwell, Lord Protector of England in a nutshellHis " highness "Oliver Cromwell 1599 to 1658 was a nephew descendant of Thomas Cromwell, King Henry 8th's advisor. Although born into a gentry family they were not overly wealthy at first. Cromwell was born in Huntingdon but lived in Ely, Cambridgeshire with his large family of wife Elizabeth and nine children. He underwent some sort of zealous religious Puritan conversion and after becoming a Member of the English Parliament began to distrust the king stating that he was introducing Catholic ways into England. This was untrue. He also objected to the way that King Charles governed without Parliament's support.Cromwell's armies opposed the King and Civil War started in 1642, culminating in the English Civil War finishing with the execution of our King. Cromwell became Lord Protector of England and had his servants call him Highness. He also put his children and children's husbands into high positions.

His daughter Bridget 's husband Henry Ireton was given control in Ireland and when he died her next husband Charles Fleetwood, was given control of Ireland. When Oliver Cromwell died his son, Richard Cromwell was named as successor just as a King would have his son follow him, so did Cromwell. So much for anti monarchy!Much is made of the fact that it was Parliament and not Cromwell who banned the celebration of Christmas in England but Cromwell was the Lord Protector and did nothing to reverse the decisions. He was fully complicit. He did not like the word Christ'mas' because the word had Mass in it which he associated with Catholics. He hated how Christmas was celebrated with eating, drinking and feasting. He was vicious in Ireland and during his reign 41% of the Irish population perished. Compare this to less than 1% of the English population killed in World War 2. Despite being a devout Puritan, he wasn't opposed to slaughtering and executing people who got in his way.

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